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KNS has come up with a solution for your over gassed Bren 2. We cover all models with the exeption of the 8" 5.56.


****Under normal operating conditions, most Bren 2's are properly-gassed. The addition of a suppressors may cause the Bren 2 to become over-gassed. ****


*****NOT FOR USE IN THE 8 INCH 5.56*****

Customer Reviews (3)


It really helped to fix my factory 16" Bren, that was cut down to 14" and suppressed. It took a few rounds to get it toned, but once it was it stopped most of the gas in the face blow back. Brody

This is what you've been looking for.

I have a 9" 7.62x39 model. NOTHING has been able to get it to run right for more than 5 rounds. Not cleaning the BCG of the dirty factory metal filings inside, not any of the HB Industries parts (they delete reviews saying that BTW) and not even having a gunsmith work on the gas blocks tuning them bit by bit with different port sizes for MONTHS. I was gonna sell the piece of junk but then I hear about this part being released. Over 40 settings instead of 2 or 3? Just what this picky piece of crap needs. Installed my last hope for this gun in minutes just like the other gas blocks. With my random assortment of cheap steel case ammo it needs to be on the main port setting of 3 and the small port needed to be set to no less than 7. With this I have flawless reliability. Tula, wolf, RAS, surplus, mystery brand old ammo, FMJ and HP. It ran it all even without any cleaning. Turning the small port setting below 7 even one click marginally reduces recoil while significantly reducing reliability. That's right, being like 7.6% undergassed is enough to ruin the reliability. That's the level of pickiness my Bren has, hence why it needs this. HBI and factory's overgassed settings also caused jams so bad they bent the rounds and casings so it's a fine line and this part doesn't cross it even on maximum gas (3, 13). I'm sure I could gas it less with a suppressor or nicer ammo and now I can fine tune it for any occasion. I can shut the mini port all the way for no flames by my hand and be reliable at the same time. Ejection is at 3 o'clock and not too fast or slow. Thank you KNS for making this gun work like it should have from the factory. John

42 Choices is Clear Choice

Initial test with 223 WWB. Dialing the 13, I could change the brass ejection from 1 O'clock and settled at 3 o'clock. It cycled and held back last round on all settings of (Gas 2). WWB hated smallest hole. I do not have suppressor and also have to try 556. I can't say it's a noticeable "soft" difference at lease from what I remember prior. Having 13 options is nice and its simpler to dial. As for switching gas hole positions. I have the newer (improved) HBI rail with removable plate over the gas block. It does get in the way from changing the gas hole positions. You'd need to pry it up on the side of the nub with plate on. (unless im doing something wrong) I suggest taking the pic cover off at least while tuning. The plate screw hole is perfect for poking the lever to change the hole settings. With the cover on- it is no issue getting to the dial part as mine is configured. To me this is a non issue. It may be too soon but I do think it tamed the flame some. I need to see someone fire it. No hand warmer flash out the sides in the small sample. If this cures that its with this alone. Thankful for aftermarket innovating and supporting. Galil piston Rocks also Nonya
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