Low Profile Non-Rotating Trigger/Hammer Pin Set

Sideplate Style (Required)

These are our Low Profile non-rotating trigger/hammer pin sets which are designed to sit flat against the side of your AR15 receiver. We've provided options to fit standard receivers and a notched sideplate version for the POF GENERATION 3 & 4 RECEIVERS and MAY ALSO fit other receivers with ambidextrous bolt releases.

They are the toughest pins produced. We designed our pins to withstand the stresses generated by high-impact suppressed fire. Our trigger & hammer pins are stainless steel and our retainer sideplates are steel with a black nitride finish.

Our KNS non-rotating trigger/hammer pin sets prevent wear on your AR lower and prevent your pins from walking out of your receiver.

This kit includes an installation guide tool & 2 Torx wrenches. No permanent modification to your gun is required.

Torque spec for screw-tightening should not exceed 11 inch-lbs, 8 inch-lbs is recommended.

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Amazing piece of kit. Fit and finish is flawless, assembly was a breeze for my Geissele SD-C. Included threaded pin tool is one of those little touches that you don't think much about, but once you use them you understand just how brilliant the concept and execution is. KNS Precision stands apart from most manufacturers in this game... from design to machining, packaging to instructions, customer service to shipping... an absolute pleasure all around. If you're on the fence, just go for it. From this point on if I need it and KNS Precision makes one... they will always get my business before anyone else. Lacey
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