Replacement Delete Kit Safety Block

Galil ACE Type (Required)

This Galil ACE Plastic Delete Kit Safety Block is compatible with any and all of our Plastic Delete Kit housings (present and past production) but has the added benefit of being compatible with the 5.45x39 Galil ACE rifles and pistols.

Our delete kit was originally engineered and designed to work ONLY with the 7.62x39 guns.  The dimensions of the 5.45x39 guns created an issue where simple drop-in performance was not achievable without modification. This updated Safety Block design works with BOTH caliber designs!

Gen 2 Safety Blocks come with a pre-installed pin to prevent over-travel in the Gen 2 Galil ACE guns, which come with a shorter-throw safety.

*As of October 23, 2020 all Plastic Delete Kits will ship with this updated Safety Block. If you are buying a new complete Delete Kit you do not have to purchase this part separately. You will still need to select between 'Gen 1' and 'Gen 2' ACE firearms to ensure proper fitment & function.

**Fastener not included.

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