SwitchSight Folding Pistol Sights


Now you have a backup sight for your Red dot on your Glock. You don't have to worry about a suppressor height sight blocking your view through the window of the red dot, or causing issues in your holster. Our SwitchSights are the best Glock sight available. They will stay neatly out of the way until your red dot fails and can be deployed quickly and easily.

Let's talk Glocks and silencers. Specifically your sights. When you're shooting your handgun with a silencer, you want higher profile sights to see over the silencer, right? And when the silencer comes off and the gun goes back in your holster you want lower profile sights. Current offerings force you to choose from a low or high profile only. Now you have the power to choose both!

Dead Air Silencers and KNS Precision have teamed up to develop the new SWITCHSIGHT. They work with your current holster and optics, and provide you the freedom to choose the correct orientation based on your Glock's setup.

Made from Steel with a black nitride finish and featuring positive positioning, these sights will hold up to plenty of abuse and stay in the orientation you want them in.

***User MUST apply blue LocTite when installing the front sight***

Available for Glock only. Other pistols will be added soon.

*Note for MOS users* Due to the sight channel being moved further to the rear of the slide on Glock factory MOS models, the SwitchSights do have a slight over-hang off the back of the slide.

Patent# 10,830,560

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