• No Internal Moving Parts
  • Tool-less Installation
  • Tool-less Adjustment
  • Tactile Detent & Laser-Marked Adjustments
  • 13 Unique Positions
  • 3 Additional Jet Inserts & Tool to accommodate range-quality ammunition.
  • Nitride & Nickel Boron Finish to prevent corrosion
  • Compact Size Allows Suppressed Use On Short Factory Barrels
  • Reduces Speed of Bolt Carrier
  • Reduces User-Felt Recoil
  • Reduces Muzzle Rise
  • Extends The Lifespan Of Host Weapon
  • Works Across All Known Models, Calibers & Barrel Lengths Except The SCAR 15P
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Patent-Pending*


Customer Reviews (2)

THE SCAR gas king…

Unclear why it only occurred to me recently to search for degassing options for my SCAR 16 SBR suppressed. What triggered me (no pun intended) was a smoking deal on the new SCAR 17 DMR 16,5” in 6.5. Although running adjustable gas blocks on all of that ‘other’ black piston driven stuff that I own , I believed subconsciously that if a) it actually existed that it would be b) stupid expensive. Though fairly proficient as the Home Dremel Gunsmith and official Gun B to all of my buddies (some of you know how that is…but it’s so much more relaxing banging & grinding on other people’s stuff..hehe. And ok I’m kidding here about the dremel…but don’t you dare lie, you’ve used it and IF wielded patiently, carefully & skillfully it CAN be a huge help in CERTAIN LIMITED situations ;-), I knew it would actually install, but at what PITA factor and ROI? I’m leaving this review as I am BACK to get a second for the DMR. As Ahhhnold used to say (Hans & Frans) on SNL back in the day decades past when it was actually….funny: (Insert your best Austrian accent) HEAR ME NOW AND BELIEVE ME LATAH…. This thing has to be without question the ABSOLUTE BEST thing ounce per ounce & dollar per dollar that you could do for your fine piece of Belgian art. I’m still blown away (no pun again) that after catching the YouTube vid, just to be certain, this installed within 30 seconds not including the other 5 min carefully changing the jet if you so choose. And FWIW, on the 16 10” suppressed though starting at 1.8, my settings mirrored the YouTube gentleman’s parameters exactly: 1.5 on setting 7 suppressed (I click to 8 just to be certain). When I fired that thing, it was so benign on the recoil & rise (or lack thereof) I immediately cocked the rifle to the left to chamber check the round that I simply KNEW would still be sitting nicely within its chamber, not even being kind enough to stovepipe itself. Needless to say, it was functioning perfectly. Gently tossing out rounds around the 3:00 arc. I just didn’t know whose rifle I was firing. If you made it through all of my bullshit, no need but I’ll say it. Get it. Now. And beware of Buyer’s Remorse though…the kind where you think you may have screwed someone over and received a tad too much of a deal. I’m off to click my second one in 2 weeks. Have fun. Be safe. (But have fun first) Steve L. Reeves, MD

KNS discarder

10/10, I was so overgassed I snapped my super scar hammer in half. I was using 1.80mm gas jet. this was suppressed and I was using the mototech scarburator on its lowest setting STILL getting massive gas blowback. I decided to try the DiSCARDER with a 1.50mm gas jet and it now runs FLAWLESSLY. Such a better product no offense to Eddie! This product works far better. It was the Gen.3 Scarburator. Maybe the Gen 4 will be better I don't know. Jesse Roth
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