CZ Bren 805 Push-Button Take Down Pin


The CZ Bren 805 Push Button Take Down Pin simplifies the disassembly process for the cleaning & maintenance of your CZ Bren 805 rifle or pistol. Our push button pins feature a spring-loaded detent system similar to our push button take down and pivot pins for the AR15 platform and do a great job of saving your thumb and fingertips from the sharp wire edges of the original factory pin.

Our CZ Bren 805 Push Button Take Down Pin retracts the locking detent balls with a simple push of the button. Once the button is depressed the user pushes the pin out of the firearm from the side opposite of the release button. Push Button Pin is enclosed with a pressed-in end cap to prevent dirt & debris from accumulating inside the pin. Detent balls & center pin are made of stainless steel, take down pin housing and button are black nitride-treated steel.

Available individually or as a combination 2-pack.

Exact pin diameter: .234" - These pins are run to a nominal dimension.

-Makes disassembly and cleaning easy
-Designed to eliminate wear to the receiver
-Eliminates some drilling on 80% lowers
-Black Nitride Finish

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