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Galil ACE Skeleton Stock w/Folding Mechanism & Stock Adapter


The ACE AKFX Skeleton Stocks are robust, sturdy aluminum stock assembly and are a fantastic option for mounting on any AK (as long as your AK has a DoubleStar ACE stock interface), and the Galil ACE is no exception! The ACE Original Skeleton Stock AKFX(L) measures in at 9.5" while the AKFX(S) measures in at 8.5" for a slightly shorter and more compact length-of-pull. End cap and butt are machined from solid aluminum billet, oxide blasted and hard anodized. Top bar and center brace are turned from the super strong engineered polymer Delrin. This stock is the strongest and highest quality skeleton stock available.

Compatible with ACE-brand stocks and folding mechanisms, the KNS Precision Galil Ace Stock Adapters are manufactured with a ‘pocket’ for use with ACE brand stocks/folding mechanisms WITH the boss. While the KNS adapter can be used with stocks and folding mechanisms that do not have the boss – it is highly recommend that stocks and folding mechanisms with the boss are used, strength is increased and play is decreased with the boss. Installation is easy with a wide variety of stock/folding pistol brace mechanism options as well as for building registered SBRs.

This combo includes your choice of ACE Skeleton Stock (AKFX-L or AKFX-S), the ACE Push-Button Folding Mechanism WITH OR WITHOUT boss (FSM-PB), and the KNS Galil ACE Stock Adapter. The Boss is the raised (oblong shaped) portion on the Arm (small side) and helps to increase strength and reduce cant.

The ACE AKFX(S) Skeleton Stock is only 1" shorter, but features multiple convenient QD Swivel pockets on both sides, top, bottom, & in the middle of the shoulder stock plate.

Both stocks come with optional rubber recoil pad.




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Ace Galil skeleton stock

I was a bit nervous when I ordered the two kits. They arrived quickly and I noticed the parts were superbly finished. Although there were no instructions included, a bit of thought was all that was required to dry assemble the mechanism. Fit and finish are excellent and the unit itself is super strong and good looking. Make sure you have a roll pin punch and some experience with uncomplicated accessory replacement. I'm very very pleased! First unit took about an hour to do, the second install was accomplished in just 15 minutes. A great value! William Parker
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