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Galil ACE Stock Adapter / ACE Folding Mechanism, Stock Adapter COMBO


Compatible with ACE-brand stocks and folding mechanisms, the KNS Precision Galil Ace Stock Adapters are manufactured with a 'pocket' for use with ACE brand stocks/folding mechanisms WITH the boss. While the KNS adapter can be used with stocks and folding mechanisms that do not have the boss - it is highly recommend that stocks and folding mechanisms with the boss are used, strength is increased and play is decreased with the boss. Installation is easy with a wide variety of stock/folding pistol brace mechanism options as well as for building registered SBRs.

We've included the ACE A510 'hog nose' cup and A500PB folding mechanism (with boss) for ease of ordering.

With ACE part # A510 ( ), any AR15 compatible buffer tube may be used. The Galil ACE stock adapter is also compatible with Galil ACE rifles. When choosing a folding mechanism, make sure to pick one that can be configured to fold to the -RIGHT SIDE- of the firearm to avoid interfering with charging handle. Folding mechanisms are offered with or without boss. The 'boss' tab indexes into the stock adapter pocket and helps to add rigidity and prevents 'cant'.


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